Complex ALTA Surveys With Critical Timelines
Surveying a 15 acre amusement park, chock full of rides, buildings and other features would be challenging for many surveying companies. Not so for the experienced professionals at Red Plains. As one of many examples, we surveyed Uncle Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque, NM, and delivered the survey, on time and under budget, in just 7 days!

Surveyor of Choice for National Retailers
Surveying dozens, even hundreds of retail sites across multiple states is a specialty of Red Plains. National due diligence firms with large commercial real estate portfolios turn to Red Plains for quality, on time surveys for time dependent property transactions. Some of our multi-site, multi-state projects include these 100 Pep Boys locations across six states. We also regularly complete portfolio orders for Tesoro petroleum stations, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, Applebees restaurants, BP gas stations, Family Dollar stores, Wendy’s Family Restaurants, and numerous other National Chains. Red Plains is the surveyor of choice for large commercial property portfolios.

A National Leader in Design Surveys
Three dimensional design surveys are a key foundation to any construction and re-development project. As a national leader in this field, Red Plains has performed design surveys for major clients like Murphy’s Oil, Family Dollar, Stripes Convenience Stores, Wal Mart, and numerous others.

Expertise in Large Scale Design and Transmission Surveys
Because of North Dakota’s booming energy sector, new energy infrastructure is being designed and built across the state. Red Plains was selected to survey a new gas pipeline, extending over 70 miles, at the Pecan Gas Plant in Palermo, ND. Our experience with large scale energy transmission systems meant the job was done safely, on time, and under budget.

The Vendor of Choice When The Projects Are Big!
Red Plains crews spent two months on the TX-LA-AR border, traversing through the swamps, surveying a complex boundary over 22,000 acres for Georgia Pacific’s paper operations. As master cadastral surveyors, we excel at the challenge of large acreage sites. When the project was completed, on time and under budget, the final submission to the client totaled over 100 drawings.

Iconic Properties Fill Our Archives
The tallest and most recognizable building on the Vegas Strip, Red Plains surveyed the iconic Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. Red Plains is a leader in the national commercial ALTA/NSPS survey market, specializing in large complex sites such as the Stratosphere in Vegas.

Precise Control Point Surveys For Aerial Photogrammetry
Red Plains established ground control over the entirety of Phoenix/Maricopa County, Arizona. Over two weeks, Red Plains field crews established 324 highly precise control points using both existing features and aerial targets. As a partner with major national aerial surveying companies, Red Plains has established ground control for dozens of sites as diverse as remote wind farm locations in the rural Midwest to large urban areas, such as Phoenix, and the entirety of Los Angeles County (4000 square miles).

Single and Multi-Family Development and Platting
From our inception, Red Plains has provided design surveys, as-built surveys and platting for single and multi-family developments. At any moment, we have multiple projects ongoing.

Urban Renewal And Dense Population Surveying
Working in a densely populated area like San Francisco presents challenges to some survey crews. We do it all the time! Red Plains surveyed a portfolio of 34 large apartment complexes across the Bay Area. This project was completed, on time and under budget, and delivered to our client in just 8 days!

Federal, Military, State and Municipality Relationships
Named after an Oklahoma native, and the first Native American Major General, Tinker Air Force Base is a major presence in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Red Plains has done extensive work on the base, including topographic surveys, surveys for environmental projects, and a study of the traffic impact of the base’s 11 access gates. This is one example of the many state and federal relationships we maintain.

Multi-Site Portfolios Are Our Speciality
As is often the case, Red Plains was contracted to provide 95 cell tower surveys, in twelve different states, spread across the entire nation, in both urban centers and remote areas. Since we specialize in high volume, multi-site jobs, and also in cell tower surveys, we mobilized our field crews and got the job done, on time and under budget in just 28 days.